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Should I let my customers pay in Bitcoin? | Daily Mail Online

The currency has rocketed in value since inception. To put this into context, if you had bought just £1.38 worth of bitcoin in May 2010 you would now be a millionaire . 

There's no regulation. It's not illegal but it's not considered legal tender in the UK. It operates without a government, central authority or bank managing transactions or injecting new bitcoins into the market.

The currency...

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Techies building powerful computers to mine for Bitcoins ...


The competitive world of Bitcoin collecting has spawned a wave of supercomputers techies hope will make them a small fortune - even if they cost tens of thousands of dollars to power.

Specially developed Bitcoin 'mining' computers are either homemade or can be purchased from one of the growing number of online stores dedicated to cashing in on the supply side of the cult currency...

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