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Calculate Bitcoin Value: Modest assumptions | A Wild Duck

I would never claim the foresight to predict the value of a bitcoin five minutes from now, let alone five years from now. Yet, I am baffled by its dollar exchange value today ($450 as I write this Wild Duck article). A reasonable and conservative calculation suggests that it should be--not $1200, as it was in late November 2013--but rather 100 times its current value.

Let's consider one way to...

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Incentivize Bitcoin Miners After All 21M BTC Are Awarded ...

Individuals who mine Bitcoins needn't be miners. We call them 'miners' because they are awarded BTC as they solve mathematical computations. The competition to unearth these reserve coins also serves a vital purpose. They validate the transactions of Bitcoin users all over the world: buyers, loans & debt settlement, exchange transactions, inter-bank transfers, etc. They are not really miners....

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Free, Online Blockchain Courses | A Wild Duck

I develop Bitcoin and Blockchain courses for a profitable venture--And so, I may be shooting myself in the foot with a competitive referral. But, hey!--It's for a good cause.

Jeremy Boris; Zero to 60 in six months

Jeremy Boris...

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