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Bitcoin Price, News and Analysis -

The Bitcoin Price: History and Trends

Bitcoin's price value has risen quickly since the cryptocurrency was first introduced to the world in 2009. The currency, which once traded for as little as one cent during February 2010, was valued at a price of $372.58 US dollars, 2302.33 CNY, 301.39 Euro, and $419.06 Canadian dollars at the time the time of writing. Longtime fans of the cryptocurrency,...

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Euro to Bitcoin Price Conversion | Bitcoin Price

While the Chinese yuan and the United States dollar remain the most heavily traded currencies on bitcoin exchanges, the euro is also gaining and popularity. Several bitcoin exchanges offer conversions between the continental currency and the cryptocurrency. Moreover, users can also exchange euros for bitcoins in a variety of eurozone countries.

Primary Exchanges:

Individual who wish to exchange...

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Travel the World Using Bitcoin Only? | Bitcoin Price


Travel the World Using Bitcoin Only?

Bitcoin seems uninterested in reaching new highs even after several days have passed of the halving event. The cryptocurrency remains right under $670, with its price constantly dropping around the $650 mark and then improving once again. The volume has declined once more, promising peaceful days ahead, despite the strong buy signal received by indicators...

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