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How much tax you have to pay on Bitcoin and other ...

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may not officially be recognised by the Reserve Bank, there may still be tax considerations.

This is according to Robert Gad, Nicolette Smit, Megan McCormack and Jo-Paula of ENS Africa's tax division.

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What could happen to your South African Bitcoin on 1 August

Are South African Bitcoin investors in any danger?

If you're not a Bitcoin developer or Bitcoin miner (just someone with some Bitcoin) you should make sure that you keep your Bitcoin with a reputable Bitcoin exchange with a team of developers that can handle complicated things like hard forks, warned van Rooyen.

"Many people shout doom and gloom when certain proposals gain momentum, including a...

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Why Bitcoin is not a rational investment choice: Citadel

Investment group Citadel has released its Citation report for Q2 2017 , breaking down its views on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - which the firm believes is not a rational investment decision.

According to Citadel, the key problem with Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, is that there is no fair way to determine their true value, and that makes it almost impossible to make rational...

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South Africans are googling “Bitcoin” more than any other ...

South Africa has topped every other country with Google searches for 'Bitcoin' over the last month, according to the latest data from Google Trends.

Over the past 30 days, the country topped the search term charts with it being nearly 7 percentage points clear of the next highest spot, Slovenia.

According to cryptocurrency website Coin Telegraph , there is...

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