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Bitcoin Price | Charts


The Composite Price Index

Unlike stocks, bitcoin markets never close. Bitcoin is traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year in dozens of...

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Market Capitalization | Charts

The market value of all Bitcoin in circulation

Market Capitalization = ( Price of 1.0 BTC) x ( Total bitcoins in circulation)

Similar to the way the Market Capitalization of a company reflects the perceived worth of its business, the Market...

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Inflation Rate | Charts

Annualized rate of increase of Bitcoin money supply

The 21,000,000 bitcoin that will ever exist are created on a fixed and predictable schedule.

Most currency today is inflationary on a politically random and capricious schedule. The United States Federal Reserve, for example, increases the money supply of the U.S. Dollar at its own discretion with an ostensible goal of devaluing the dollar by about 2% every year.

The supply of bitcoin is...

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Total Transactions | Charts


The running total number of transactions processed by the Bitcoin network

As Bitcoin gains popularity, this number will...

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Hash Rate | Charts


The number of block solutions computed per second by all miners on the network

Because the Hash Rate requires real world computing power and resource investment that cannot be faked, this chart also represents technical and monetary investment in the infrastructure of Bitcoin.

A cryptographic hash function takes digital data of any size as input and produces a random (but fixed-size) string of digital data as output. Files, poems, pictures, the entire written works of Tolstoy, or any other digital data could each be hashed with SHA-256 to produce a...

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Block Size | Charts

UTXO Growth


Miners collect bitcoin transactions into distinct packets of data called blocks. Each block is cryptographically linked to the preceding block, forming a...

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Daily Transactions | Charts


The number of transactions included in the blockchain each day

Daily Transaction count is one of the most important and controversial metrics for the bitcoin network. Because all confirmed transactions pay a fee, each confirmed transaction represents someone's desire to send a bitcoin transaction instead of any alternative use of that cost.


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Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin makes it easy to send real money quickly to anywhere in the world! Bitcoin can also be used to make purchases with a variety of online retailers.

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Play Games with...

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Money Supply | Charts


The amount of Bitcoin in circulation. Bitcoin's money supply function is specified in terms of block height.

Unlike fiat currency, where the Money Supply is perpetually increasing and not exactly known, bitcoin's money...

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Blockchain Size | Charts

Storage size of the blockchain

The storage size of the bitcoin blockchain is increasing with every additional block, at a rate...

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