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Top 5 businesses that accept Litecoin payments - CoinReport

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Litecoin is the second most valued digital currency on the market, only being bested by bitcoin. However, litecoin is not just a knock-off to the world's first digital coin. It was intended by its developers to improve on the structure set forth by bitcoin.

The main two differences that separates litecoin from bitcoin:

1) Litecoin processes a block every two and...

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CoinReport Top 5 Mineable Altcoins Based on Market Cap ...

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With the dawning of a new invention, imitations start to pop up in order to capitalize on the successes of the originator. This is definitely the case for bitcoin. Since its creation in 2009, bitcoin's concept has been replicated to form new digital currencies that could be mined out. The alternate forms of digital currency have been christened altcoins.


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CoinReport Formation of The Manx Digital Currency ...

Davis stated:

"The formation of the MDCA represents the first step in creating an open and collaborative resource which brings the island's most forward thinking and enterprising...

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