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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency - CFTC Launches Virtual Currency ...

The newly launched Bitcoin web page provides quick access to the CFTC's virtual currency primer; CFTCTalks podcast episode featuring CFTC staff discussing virtual currencies; LabCFTC, the Commission's FinTech effort; and a fact sheet explaining the CFTC's role in oversight of virtual currencies.

Additionally, the CFTC today released a Customer Advisory, titled " Understand the Risks of Virtual Currency Trading ". This advisory details the risks of purchasing Bitcoin virtual currencies in the cash market, in addition to those risks present in virtual currency futures and options.

The CFTC's Jurisdiction and Virtual Currencies

Bitcoin and other virtual...

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Coin Profile – Austria 2004 Vienna Philharmonic 100,000 ...

Coin Profile - Austria 2004 Vienna Philharmonic 100,000 Euro Gold Coin


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In 2004, the Austrian Mint celebrated the 15th year of its successful Vienna Philharmonic gold bullion coin program by producing 15 1,000-ounce versions of the popular Euro gold coin. The coin-nicknamed "Big Phil"-was presented to the public in grand style by Vice-Governor of the Austrian Central Bank, Wolfgang Duchatczek.

The coins were too big to be manufactured on standard coining...

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