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BITCOINIST / Bitcoin Store Starter: Start a Bitcoin ...

Bitcoin Store Starter is an interesting company that I stumbled upon over at BitcoinTalk. It's availability and the software being entirely free will make it appealing to people wanting to start a online commerce store that accepts Bitcoin. I spoke with Aaron Farias, the CEO of Bitcoin Store Starter who is responsible for development and marketing.

What does Bitcoin Store Starter offer?


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How to Calculate Bitcoin Transaction Fees - CRYPTOCURRENCY ...

A lot of these platforms sort of automatically calculate the transaction fees for users - the curious thing however is how these fees are arrived at.

As is with the order of life, things hardly come for free. It is just fair that everyone within a value chain gets paid for their efforts and services, and the same principle applies with the process of sending or receiving bitcoin - you have got...

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August 17, 2014

Hello Everyone...,

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Pool Mining vs. Solo Mining - CRYPTOCURRENCYTALK.COM

As one of the core members of the PiGrid and the Gridcoin Pool team, I often have to answer some usual questions.

So I would like to answer most of the questions in this post to clear any half-knowledge once and for all

Short description Solo Mining:

A reseacher has his own CPID (this is a synonym to a solo mining account) within the BOINC system. He has sent a beacon and pointed all his...

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Now everyone knows the big names - Peercoin and Novacoin. However, there is a big world of PoS coins out there, and I simply can't find a GOOD list of PoS coins and information on them. So, I decided that since I'm doing the work anyway, I'd provide my work to the community. Hopefully it will help someone else.

Now most people understand Proof of Work - getting paid for mining. But I'd wager a...

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