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GitHub - Bitcoin-com/Wallet

The wallet is a fork of the Copay Wallet ( ).

The wallet is a secure bitcoin wallet platform for both desktop and mobile devices. It uses Bitcore Wallet Service (our fork of the Bitpay Bitcore Wallet Service ) (BWS) for peer synchronization and network interfacing.

Binary versions of The wallet are available for...

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GitHub - cryptoapi/Bitcoin-Payment-Gateway-ASP.NET ...

Instruction - ASP .NET Bitcoin/Altcoin Package

Install package from - (command "Install-Package", it is package only without examples)

or download full package with Examples from github / directly

Package uses own database with table crypto_payments (file /GoUrl/App_Data/GourlDb.mdf ) for storing bitcoin/altcoin payment...

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GitHub - Multibit-Legacy/multibit-hd: Deprecated Bitcoin Wallet

Project status: Pre-release. Expect minor bugs and UI adjustments. Suitable for small scale production.

MultiBit HD (MBHD)

A desktop Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (HDW) for Bitcoin using the Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) mode to provide very fast block chain synchronization.

The target audience is "international mainstream" which compels the user interface to remain as simple and...

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GitHub - ruimarinho/bitcoin-core: A modern Bitcoin Core ...

[agentOptions] (Object): Optional agent options to configure SSL/TLS.

[headers=false] (boolean): Whether to return the response headers.

[host=localhost] (string): The host to connect to.

[logger=debugnyan('bitcoin-core')] (Function): Custom logger (by default, debugnyan).

[network=mainnet] (string): The network

[password] (string): The RPC server user password.

[port=[network]] (string): The RPC...

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