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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Technical Analysis: December 8, 2017

Just three days ago in our last technical analysis report for Bitcoin , we mentioned the $12,000 mark as a potential new high for Bitcoin.

As usual, the bulls did not disappoint. Bitcoin not only surpassed the $12,000 mark, it went on to hit a new all-time high of $16, 666.66.

Bitcoin has now closed up on the daily chart the last thirteen of fourteen days, from a low of $7876.00 on November...

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Getting Acquainted With Cardano (ADA) And Understanding ...

There is a new heavy hitter in the cryptocurrency arena and it is known as Cardano or ADA that has just gotten into the top ten list of cryptocurrencies that are ranked based on market capitalization.

The altcoin's website describes Cardano as a cryptocurrency as well as a platform that will allow governments, organizations, and individuals from all over the world to run financial applications...

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Here’s How And Why Litecoin Could Become The Next Bitcoin

Here's How And Why Litecoin Could Become The Next Bitcoin


Samuel Rae

Bitcoin has been grabbing all the headlines over the last week or so on the back of its reaching all time highs just shy of $20,000 a piece before correcting to current levels in and around the $16,000 mark at the end of last week.

Another coin, however, has increased in value by a substantially higher multiple this...

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Here's How BitConnect (BCC) Could Become The Safe Haven ...

At the start of 2017, BitConnect (BCC) launched as a sort of store-of-value alternative to the existing raft of cryptocoins that were available at that time. Mid-January (so, a little over under twelve months ago), BCC traded hands for around $0.20 a piece.

Right now, BCC is at $456.

Wider markets and the general public outside of cryptocurrency are looking at the gains they missed out on by not...

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Here's What Sets IOTA (MIOTA) Apart From The Crowd Right ...

Samuel Rae

The cryptocurrency space has taken something of a hit over the last twenty-four hours, with many of the major assets currently in the red as compares to pricing this time yesterday. In fact, take a look at the top thirty coins by market cap and only one - Tether (USDT) - currently sits in the green, with even that gaining less than 1% and, in all honesty, Tether isn't really a coin...

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