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Malware Mines, Steals Cryptocurrencies From Victims

Web Mining


NightMiner mining malware was first seen in the wild in March 2015 and has been used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency. Some cybercriminals have turned to Monero due to its built-in security features and lower cost to mine. For example, Monero by default supports many blockchain obfuscation and anonymity technologies such as stealth addresses and crypto notes. This malicious...

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Stolen Credit Card Numbers Easy to Buy Online | McAfee Blogs

By Christiaan Beek on May 04, 2015

We have seen an increasing amount of articles published about the "Dark Web," underground cybercriminal sites that are hosted on hidden servers and can be accessed only by using Tor.

One example of a Dark Web site hosted on one of these ".onion" domains was the Silk Road, a site infamous for the buying and selling of drugs, among other products and services....

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Date: 2017-12-20 01:45:37

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