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Why Bitcoin Can’t Be Money - The Daily Coin

December 12, 2017

Why Bitcoin Can't Be Money BY Patrick Watson - Mauldin Economics

Everyone is talking about bitcoin, even people who otherwise know little about investing. That's probably a bad sign for bitcoin.

Recently, I had a conversation with my 89-year-old father. He likes reading newspapers, so this year I got him a Wall Street Journal subscription. Now he's up on the financial news.


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REVEALED: Bitcoin’s Price in 2020 - The Daily Coin

REVEALED: Bitcoin's Price in 2020 by Brian Maher - Daily Reckoning

Dear Reader,

This July, software grandee John McAfee donned the fool's cap... and brought down roars of laughter upon his head...

This bedlamite actually predicted bitcoin would reach $500,000 by the end of 2020.


His forecast was rooted in the lunatic assumption that bitcoin would close 2017 at $5,000.

Thirty days remain...

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Bitcoin vs Dollars: Which One is a Fraud? Which One is a ...

Bitcoin vs Dollars: Which One is a Fraud? Which One is a Ponzi Scheme? by Mike Shedlock - MishTalk

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan CEO, made quite a headline splash last week when he proclaimed " Bitcoin 'is a Fraud ".

Is Bitcoin a fraud? Or are dollars, euros, yen, and yuan a collective set of frauds? Which, if any are Ponzi schemes?

Modern Finance is the Fraud

In an article that I wish I had written...

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Concerned about Bitcoin security? Try this - The Daily Coin

Concerned about Bitcoin security? Try this by Simon Black - Sovereign Man

It happened again. Last week, hackers stole 4,700 Bitcoins (over $80 million at today's price) from mining marketplace NiceHash.

(The company pairs up people with spare computing power with others who are willing to pay to use that capacity to mine Bitcoin- and then announced they would reimburse users who lost money from...

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CoinDesk Releases Q3 Bitcoin and Blockchain Industry Report

CoinDesk is today announcing the release of its latest deep-dive report on the state of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The most recent of a series of quarterly updates that began in 2014, our State of Blockchain Q3 2017 report includes over 100 graphs that tell the story of another historic...

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