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Wirex Tutorial: How to Buy Bitcoins in Malaysia - Bitcoin ...

This tutorial explains the process to buy bitcoins in Malaysia through the Wirex platform. There are two payment methods you can choose from: bank transfer and PayPal. This tutorial will explain both methods.

What you need

Before starting the process, you...

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Sending Money? Why Not Do it with Bitcoin - Bitcoin Wallet ...

Sending Money? Why Not Do it with Bitcoin

Conducting an international money transfer using your high street bank is not only costly but can also easily take up to five days or more. The commonly used alternatives to international bank transfers are large money transfer operators (MTOs) such as the Western Union or MoneyGram. However, the fees...

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Convert Bitcoin to USD with Wirex - Bitcoin Wallet ...

Looking to convert bitcoin into USD (or GBP and EUR)?

Well, look no further, because Wirex is committed to providing the best hybrid platform that combines bitcoin with fiat currencies. Aside from USD, you can also convert bitcoin to GBP, as well as convert bitcoin to EUR.

Here are five reasons Wirex is the best way to turn your bitcoin into cash.

It only takes...

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Card - Bitcoin Wallet & Payment Cards



* Currencies are converted at wholesale rate ** Blockchain fee might be applied if recipient doesn't have account with Wirex

-- Is it really that simple? -- Yes! ?

Register for your new Wirex Payment Card today

Register online

Register for your free Wirex account -- a fully-featured mobile app, bitcoin wallet and payment card* combo for buying, saving, investing, transferring and spending your digital money anytime, anywhere. *Bitcoin balances must be converted to FIAT before being available for card payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available for the Wirex card?

Virtual and...

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Wirex to support Bitcoin Cash - Bitcoin Wallet & Payment Cards

Wirex Updates Wirex Blog Now In 22+ Countries and 17 Languages!

Did you know Wirex has blogs in over 17 languages?! Our community is growing and that means we have more and more customer to support internationally with local news and views on the bitcoin lifestyle. With bitcoin pushing above $20,000! at the time of this writing, more and more people are realising the importance and... View Article

Wirex Updates Wirex Product Update (cards and more)

Until 2017, the majority of Wirex customers worldwide enjoyed the fruits of early...

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Wirex Bitcoin Multi-Currency Wallet - Bitcoin Wallet ...

The Wirex Bitcoin Wallet

For active bitcoin users -- the Wirex Wallet gives you unprecedented access to full-featured bitcoin banking -- and beyond

Secured with 2-Factor Authentication and multi-signature protection

Your bitcoin wallet is available online via desktop or from the Wirex app on your...

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A Bigger Wirex Means Better Exchange Rates For You ...

A Bigger Wirex Means Better Exchange Rates For You -- Introducing The W-Pay Liquidity Pool

If you're familiar with bitcoin exchanges you'll know the price of bitcoin is different on every exchange with constant price fluctuations based on market volatility, supply and demand.

When one bit of bad news lands (usually from China), bitcoin drops like a rock... for a day or two, and then continues its rise to the moon.

And regardless of where you buy your bitcoin, you want a fair price - just as you...

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Sell Bitcoin Anonymously - Bitcoin Wallet & Payment Cards

The only problem with the last two options is that you have no guarantee that the person on the other side will deposit the cash in exchange for the bitcoins. They too might be wondering if you'll send the bitcoins once they've made a deposit into your account.

Sell Bitcoin Face To Face For Cash

The best way around this is to use a service such as Localbitcoins to find locals in your area looking to buy bitcoin. You can read more about them on their profiles, see who trusts them and if any people have blocked them. You...

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Bitcoin Wallet & Payment Cards - Secure solutions for your ...

Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Fully secured by Multi-Sig technology, SSL encryption and 2-Factor Authentication, your Wirex bitcoin wallet is available on...

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The Bitcoin Lifestyle — Infographic - Bitcoin Wallet ...

The Crypto Life The 8 Rules of Bitcoin Club

Based on the popular movie 'Fight Club' starring Brad Pitt, we thought it would be fun to introduce the rules for the Bitcoin Club. 1st RULE: You own at least SOME bitcoin at all times. 2nd RULE: You own at least some bitcoin at ALL times. 3rd RULE: Only sell bitcoin because you want to... View Article

The Crypto Life Cryptogression, Life Obsession & Personal Confession

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