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Where to buy bitcoin -

Where to buy bitcoin


Bitcoin exchanges are companies that create a live market for buying and selling bitcoin. Customers will deposit bitcoin or fiat currency into their accounts and then place different order types that are recorded on an order book managed by the exchange. Some exchange offer simple limit orders, while others offer advanced order types such as stop loss orders and...

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How To Buy Bitcoin Using Your Bank or Checking Account - Abra

Using Abra to buy bitcoin with your bank account

John Light - Thursday, March 16th, 2017

This post has been updated to reflect updates to the app in November, 2017.

In a recent post on our company blog, we announced that bitcoin is now a first-class currency in the Abra wallet. Users can now send, receive, buy, sell, and hodl bitcoin as a currency right in the app. This is one of the biggest...

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advanced multi-signature Bitcoin technology -

Abra launches new multi-signature wallet for holding digital assets using Bitcoin

Bill Barhydt - Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

I'm excited to announce Abra's new Bitcoin-based multi-signature wallet for holding, sending and exchanging between digital assets, starting with ether and 52 fiat currencies as the first supported asset types. These updates, currently live for a limited number of users,...

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Abra now supports Ether, Bitcoin and over 50 Fiat Currencies

Abra now supports Ether, Bitcoin and over 50 Fiat Currencies

Bill Barhydt - Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Today, we're excited to announce a major upgrade to our Abra app to support investing in ether, the digital currency that powers Ethereum, as well as bitcoin and fiat. We've extended the Abra app to hold 3 wallets simultaneously. We believe that this is an industry first for a non-custodial...

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Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card - Abra & Amex

You can now fund your Abra wallet with your American Express Card

Liz O'Donnell - Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Today, we are excited to let you know that we are releasing a new feature that will let Abra customers fund their Abra wallet using an eligible American Express Card. (Eligible Cards are American Express U.S. Consumer Cards, American Express-branded Cards issued by third parties and...

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Abra + Bitcoin - Buy, Sell & Send Bitcoin

Your new favorite bitcoin wallet

Store your bitcoin in Abra, or send it to someone else, in any other currency.

Bitcoin to fiat; fiat to bitcoin - all in one app

Send in bitcoin, receive

in local currency

You like bitcoin but your friend prefers dollars? No problem! You can send them bitcoin and they'll receive it as dollars with their Abra wallet.

Send in local...

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Invest in Bitcoin, Ether & Cryptocurrencies with Abra ...

The quickest way to invest in bitcoin

Buy bitcoin

Use your bank account, eligible American Express Card, or cash to fund your Abra wallet and convert it into bitcoin. Enjoy fast funding - as quick as 1 day!

Store bitcoin

Abra automatically creates a non-custodial mobile bitcoin-based wallet for you. Only you have the key, so you're in control of your funds at all times.

Exchange bitcoin

New to bitcoin? Bitcoin 101 >

The simplest way to manage your Bitcoin and Ethereum investments

Once you have bitcoin in your wallet,...

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Abra Money Transfer Fees

Pay a merchant


*Abra never charges a fee for bank withdrawals. Some banks in the Philippines may charge a small fee for incoming transfers; there is no fee for BDO, BPI, and UnionBank.

***This fee is required to ensure your transaction is confirmed by the bitcoin mining network and fluctuates based off of volume on the network. Abra does not profit...

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