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ANONYMOUS BITCOIN CARD online account with personal ...

COMFORTABLE. 24/7 access for incoming and outgoing payments.

Load anytime by bitcoin transfer to assigned wallet

Secure payments and cash withdrawal

Account is opened as soon as your card is ordered

Card account monitoring by SMS and Email

Get your card

Anonymous Bitcoin MasterCard® card account

The Anonymous Bitcoin MasterCard is based on prepaid funds with an own card account with 24/7 access to incoming and outgoing payments. Already with order confirmation your Anonymous Bitcoin MasterCard card account will be created and you can load funds onto it. The...

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ANONYMOUS BITCOIN CARD - prepaid credit card with bitcoin ...

In comparison to other prepaid credit cards ANONYMOUS BITCOIN CARD provides you with an online account in USD, EUR, or GBP that has a personal bitcoin wallet assigned to it. Use this account to load your card easily and quickly - or let others send ...

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