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Beginner Toolkit | Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast – Learn about ...

To help you get started we suggest getting a copy of the Free Bitcoin Guide .

If you want to secure your bitcoins to the maximum degree possible then I recommend:

Bitcoin Core (full-validation of the blockchain)

Armory (private key management) laptop (general purpose hardware device)

Helpful episodes to start your Bitcoin education are:

BTCK-100-2014-10-15 - Discussion with Andy O'Fiesh, a senior developer for Armory Technologies, Inc., on bitcoin wallets, public keys, private keys, entropy and other important subjects for making sure you properly secure your bitcoins.

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Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast – Learn about blockchain and ...

Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast , and Bruce Kleinman, author of The Bitcoin Tutorial, we trace the rise of bitcoin and the blockchain from their unceremonious unveiling to the...

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