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Best Bitcoin Brokers – List of Top Bitcoin Trading Sites

Best Bitcoin Brokers - List of Top Bitcoin Trading Sites

Compare the best Bitcoin trading platforms to find out which ones offer the features you are looking for. Check out the broker features in our top menu to get filtered broker lists.

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Metatrader 4 (or even MetaTrader 5 right now) is the most popular trading app for Android and iOS. It can be used...

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BTC trading bots - Best Bitcoin Trading Sites

Best Bitcoin Trading Bots

Bitcoin trading bots are softwares which follow certain pre-programmed algorithms in order to analyze the activity on the cryptocurrency markets and trade accordingly in a profitable situation. Trading bots can trade based on predefined rules or can exploit the market inefficiency that occurs between bitcoin exchanges due to the young and growing nature of...

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9. Tether


Bitfinex uses the professional Bitcoin chart of, which is embeded in the center of the dashboard. The chart offers all kinds of tools for in-epth technical analysis.

Your positions, orders and order history will be listed below the chart.

Margin Trading

Bitfinex allows for users to trade with up to 3.3x leverage by receiving funding from the peer to peer margin...

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Best Bitcoin Trading Sites - Brokers and Tools Tests

Chart Tools

Trying an automated trading machine can be fun and even quite profitable. Bitcoin trading bots can do your job automatically, so you don't need to login to your bitcoin trading sites and set the orders manually. Let your bot do the work for you and it even calculates reasonable trade entries and exits according to the latest analysis technologies. Which ones really work,...

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Trading: "Real "crypto trading (actual crypto purchase)

Anonymous Accounts: yes - no ID required for basic accounts

Cryptos: DASH, XRP, ETH, ETC, LTC, MAID, REP, LSK, FTC, SC, BURST, CLAM, DOGE, BTS, ARK, GUP + over 200 more

Payment Options: BTC + supported cryptocurrencies, BITCNY, USDT

Min. Deposit: no min. stated

Max. Withdrawal: 1BTC for basic accounts, 50 000$ for Enhanced verified...

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Zcash (z)0.00010

Augur (REP) 0.01000

The most notable one to notice here is of course the flat bitcoin fee , introduced recently to the Kraken website, most likely a temporary fix to the issues that bitcoin has been experiencing before the potential Segwit upgrade or split.

Margin trading

Margin trading is available on these currency pairs: XBT/EUR, XBT/USD, ETH/XBT, ETH/USD, ETH/EUR, ETC/XBT,...

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