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Bitcoins Are Not Dollars in Bankruptcy Court | Bloomberg BNA

Bitcoins are not equivalent to dollars, a federal bankruptcy judge ruled in a case of first impression involving a bitcoin mining operation.

The ruling, while limited to a clawback motion involving a blogger paid to promote Hashfast Technologies LLC, is the first in a bankruptcy court to address the cryptocurrency for any purpose in a reported decision in the U.S., attorneys told Bloomberg...

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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Trades Face New Liability in Tax ...

The sweeping GOP tax bill includes a provision that would increase tax liabilities for investors looking to exchange bitcoin, ether, and other virtual currencies that have soared in value.

The legislation would eliminate the ability of investors to defer taxes when they exchange one virtual currency for another if the original currency has appreciated in price. The impact stems from a...

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Analyst Wants Bitcoin Accounting Rule; Others Urge Caution ...

By David R. Jones

Dec. 9 -- The International Accounting Standards Board should consider setting an international financial reporting standard for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Deloitte director Henri Venter said Dec. 9, but others urged caution.

IFRS standards fail to provide clear guidance on accounting for cryptocurrencies--encrypted digital assets used as a medium of...

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No GAAP for Bit Coins FASB Discussions Indicated ...

No GAAP for Bit Coins FASB Discussions Indicated

As an auditor I thought I'd better...

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