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You can now buy bitcoins on eBay | The Daily Dot

These days, there are plenty of ways to acquire virtual currency. You can buy it on an exchange . You can withdraw it from a Bitcoin ATM . You can mine it yourself. You can steal it in a massive, complex, multimillion-dollar heist.

Now there's a new addition to that list: You can buy it on eBay .

Without going out of its way to court much publicity, the online auction Goliath has quietly added a...

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Leaked FBI report points to fears of Bitcoin’s expansion ...

The report, titled "Bitcoin Virtual Currency: Unique Features Present...

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Cryptocurrency Mining: How Hackers Hijack Your PC to Make ...

You may be helping hackers create free money.

If you experienced a sudden drop of performance when visiting Politifact on Friday, it was most likely because the popular fact-checking website was fast busy taxing your computer's resources to make money--and no, you're not getting a cut.

Hackers allegedly compromised the website and inflicted it with a cryptocurrency-mining script, a program that...

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Germany becomes first country to recognize Bitcoin as ...

2015-12-11 01:28 pm

The country's Finance Ministry declared Bitcoin a "currency unit" and form of "private money."

According to Die Welt , BTC's new status in Germany means the...

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What Is Blockchain? The Bitcoin Technology Explained for Dummies

Why IOTA could be the next Bitcoin

Blockchain explained for dummies

Blockchain is a network of computers (called nodes) that all have the same history of transactions, validated by every new computer that wants to be part of the transaction. Cryptography (remember 1950s decoder rings?) makes sure the transaction is secure by encoding each transaction with a unique set of numbers and letters,...

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