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Bitcoin Mining Algorithm

Bitcoin uses Secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit (SHA256) for mining. Developed by NSA, the SHA algorithms converts the data into numbers. The SHA256 is applied twice for Bitcoin Mining. To mine a Bitcoin, miners use a software to solve cryptographic problems and when they successfully solve that problem, they get Bitcoins in...

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Hashgains - Bitcoin Cloud Mining | Best Bitcoin Mining ...

Firstly, do the registration, as it will take only a couple of minutes.

Choose Your Plan

You just have to select your power plan and do the payment.

Receive Bitcoin

It's all done and you are ready to collect your bitcoins.

Why Choose Hashgains for Mining ?

Hashgains helps you in mining cryptocurrencies in three super simple ways. We provide you...

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What is Litecoin cloud mining? | LTC Cloud Mining | HashGains

Cloud mining is for those people who want to earn through the mining of cryptocurrency but are not too much technically well-versed and are unable to handle the hardware or the software. Also sometimes you have high electricity costs in your nation of origin while in some parts of the world electricity is cheaper. As such you may contract cloud mining provider in that particular nation where the...

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What is ASIC Monero Miner? -

There exist no ASIC Monero Miner till date and yet the GPUs are around 2-4x speedier than the CPUs. We have Monero's calculation which has an expansive memory prerequisite that would cause it hard to utilize the ASIC and lesser worthwhile to utilize a GPU for mining Bitcoin . It is also to be reported that the option of another component for Monero which is - Smart Mining. There is an element...

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What is ASIC Monero? | ASIC Monero Wiki | Hashgains

ASIC Monero shall refer to the exercise of mining the Monero coin via using the ASIC miners. Monero, an interchangeable and security focused cash, has been increasing noteworthy footing in dull net markets far and wide. Monero don't works over the ASIC mining equipment, so you're left for the choice of mining via CPUs and also by GPUs. All the more particularly, Monero's mining calculation makes utilization of a kind of Proof for Work known...

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