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Lifehacker's Guide To Investing In Bitcoin | Kotaku Australia

Chances are good you've at least heard of Bitcoin and the concept of digital currencies. Lately, they've been in the spotlight more than usual.

With good reason. Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed from just under $1,000 for one Bitcoin on January 1, 2017 to more than $6,000 at the beginning of November 2017.

That's 600% in less than a year.

Enough people have made a decent amount through Bitcoin...

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Steam No Longer Accepting Bitcoin Payments For Video Games ...

Today Valve announced it will no longer be accepting Bitcoin as currency on the Steam store.

This follows a period of rapid Bitcoin growth. After recently tipping the $US10,000 mark in late November, Bitcoin lost approximately 20% of its value, but promptly fought back. Roughly one week later Bitcoin is sitting at $US13,000.

In short that's a lot of volatility for a currency if you want to buy...

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