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Bitcoin's Price Data In January 2016 |


Bitcoin's 2016 is off to a solid start.

While it's early to project what's in store for bitcoin...

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Bitcoin Wallet Security Issues Creates More Controversy ...

Bitcoin Wallet Provider Blockchain is in PR hot water. Again.

Trouble began recently when the firm's product lead got in a online verbal Reddit fight with Coinbase engineer, CoinDesk reported. Blockchain's wallet was also recently pulled from due to security issues  that impacted hundreds of users.

"The company found itself publicly promising to reimburse customers after a random...

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Bank Of America Patent Shows Bitcoin Interest |

The question about how serious big banks and Wall Street are getting about bitcoin and blockchain (and if they should) is somewhat of a debate in the financial ecosystem.

But Bank of America just made a move that shows it's getting a bit more serious about the digital currency that's got a long rap sheet for not always being on the right side of the law. Bank of America, of course, is looking at...

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Bitcoin Tracker: No More Wire Transfers? |


Bitcoin's (BTC) riding high once again as the third week of April rolls to a close. BTC values are rising to approach the all-time highs seen in early March before all the China troubles, the Securities and Exchange Commission denial double whammy and fears of a hard fork.

The upward movement of BTC in April has been relatively steady nonetheless, boosted by adoption news out of Japan....

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PayPal CEO hosts Live Show on Bitcoin/Blockchain -

There are rough days.

And then there are rough days.

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Blockchain Tracker: The State of Blockchain |


The world of blockchain technology has certainly seen some major changes over the course of the past decade. Although there were early inklings of the technology dating back to 1991, it wasn't until 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto implemented it as the base component of bitcoin currency that it really took off.

While traditionally, blockchain has been instrumental in the financial arena, 2016...

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India: RBI Embraces Blockchain, Digital Rupee |

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) says it's time to embrace blockchain and adopt a digital currency for the country, according to a new report .

The RBI's research unit released a whitepaper last week advocating for the adoption of a blockchain-based digital currency after concluding that technology in this area has "matured enough" to be put to use. The RBI's Institute for Development & Research...

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Blockchain Tracker: The Digital Revolution |


Primarily, blockchain technology is being used in the finance world among...

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