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Bitcoin Sportsbooks - Online Sports Betting Authority

$1,500 per transaction, $15 fee

Converted to USD

Step One: How to Purchase Bitcoin

To get started, you need to purchase bitcoin from an exchange. Create an account with . (Estimated time: 10 minutes)

Setting up your Coinbase account is very simple. It is a similar process to registering for Paypal or Skrill.

You will need to give them your name, home address, email address, cell...

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Beginner question about requesting Bitcoin from SBR using ...

Go into Blockchain app and make sure you're on the bitcoin tab. Tap "request" on the bottom right. It's going to generate an address to have the bitcoin sent to for it to credit your wallet. Tap on it to copy the address (it should say "Copied to clipboard" if you were successful). Go to...

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Intertops btc payout now on 14th day and counting

I recently (Dec. 4th) requested a $2500 btc payment. After standard 48 hours, the bitcoin payment transaction was posted, but with a bitcoin transaction fee that was too low to ever be processed, especially based on current bitcoin transaction fees. After waiting 3 days, I contacted them, was told because it was the weekend, the payout department was closed and that they would contact me on...

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Are Bitcoin transactions still slow? -

The Bitcoin network is currently experiencing record usage, resulting in longer confirmation times and higher miner's fees for transactions. Transactions are likely to be more expensive and/or take longer to complete and additional fees go directly to miners."

Are you guys having any trouble moving funds?

Yes, still slow and expensive.

If you have a book that takes Litecoin maybe try switching to...

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Best Sportsbooks List - Online Sports Betting Authority ...

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Online sportsbooks must score highly in the following areas to qualify for inclusion on the best sportsbooks grid.

Financial Stability & Speed of Payouts

Sportsbook ratings are shaped in large part by the solvency and payout track record of each online sportsbook. A company that struggles to pay bettors on time or within their advertised payment window is unfit to be displayed on...

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