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This iced tea company's name change sums up everything ...

Blockchain, the technology behind virtual currency Bitcoin.

When Wall Street types are optimistic about something, like a business or a trend, they're often said to be "long" on it - meaning they're inclined to invest in hopes of a profit.

These days, a lot of folks in the financial sector are excited about bitcoin and its underlying technology, the so-called "blockchain," because of its...

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How China could 'sabotage and take control of Bitcoin ...

Beijing could render the Bitcoin network effectively useless by taking control of the powerful computers used to maintain the digital currency, which are largely based in China, according to a report from security companies Hacken and Gladius.

Bitcoin is seen by its supporters as free of government control, a feature that is highlighted as one of its key benefits.


As Bitcoin has...

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Marlborough Sounds property for sale for Bitcoin, first of ...

Marlborough Sounds property for sale for Bitcoin, first of its kind in New Zealand



An aerial shot of Kaiuma Bay in Pelorus Sound, Marlborough Sounds.

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Winklevoss twins become first Bitcoin billionaires | Stuff ...

Bitcoin, which is not backed by any central bank but maintained by a network of its users, hit an all-time high last week despite Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, joining other financial heavyweights in dismissing it as a fraud. The Federal Reserve also issued a warning that it could pose a risk to financial stability.

"While these...

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Firms stockpile bitcoin to pay off cyber attackers | Stuff ...

Firms stockpile bitcoin to pay off cyber attackers


Company executives are terrified of a spike in similar attacks to the ransomware which crippled parts of the NHS earlier this year. Admitting to a customer data breach can leave a company's reputation...

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Forget Bitcoin, Blockchain technology is much bigger ...

First, a traditional ledger needs to be kept secure, you don't want unauthorised people making changes. With a public blockchain, such as Bitcoin, anyone can download a copy of it. Moreover, copies are held by hundreds or even thousands of computers and are all updated automatically at the same time. ("Copies" is a little misleading as there is no master copy.)

Second, unlike a traditional ledger...

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