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Discovering the Best Bitcoin Miner: Our Top Bitcoin Mining ...

Securing Your Bitcoin Wallet

What is Mining in the Bitcoin world

Because there is no central government that controls Bitcoin's, you may be wondering how they are created, managed or given as a form of currency. Well the creation of new bitcoins is called, "mining."

At a high level mining is the process by which individuals (like yourself) solving complicated math problems, in order to break down...

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Top Bitcoin ASIC Miners Comparison Chart: Bitcoin Mining ...


Top Bitcoin ASIC Miners Comparison Chart: Bitcoin Mining Hardware

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Avalon Asic Review: Solid Chips and ASIC miner

At the time of releasing their first ASIC mining device , Avalon set the stage to change to Bitcoin mining environment, since the products from the previous generation technologies (FGPA) pale in comparison.

Avalon entered the market with the "Batch 1" shipment that featured devices running at 66 GH/s. For those that were lucky enough to get a unit from this batch now owned the fastest technology...

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