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How Many Bitcoins Are There to “Mine”? - ValueWalk

Bitcoin has become a buzz word in the investing community, not as an alternate currency unit replacing the fiat money, but as an asset class with a spectacular 1,600%+ return this year, valuation almost doubled just in the December month alone. Bitcoin was heading towards $20,000 before pulling back to today's $15,000 level. The entire cryptocurrency market capitalization rose above $600 billion...

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The Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) Is A Joke, Right?

geralt / Pixabay

The GBTC is not an ETF, but a trust. It can only own a certain amount of Bitcoin and does not track the commodity/currency/asset (whatever you'd like to call it) like gold ETFs do with gold. Instead, for one unit of the GBTC, investors get 0.09242821 Bitcoin and also have to pay a 2% annual fee. Today, investors are paying $800 per GBTC unit while the actual net asset value of...

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Is Bitcoin Headed For $60,000 Coin Price Or Crash?

Both a $60,000 Coin Price and a crash are realistic possibilities for Bitcoin in 2018 according to major cryptocurrency investors. Intriguingly, at least one well-known altcoin entrepreneur thinks both scenarios are probable.

"I think we're going to see Bitcoin (BTC) hitting the $60,000 mark, but I also think we're going to see Bitcoin hitting the $5,000 mark," Julian Hosp told CNBC's Squawk Box....

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Ripple Price Prediction: There’s A New Crypto King In Town

Trying to make a ripple price prediction is sort of like throwing a dart at a dartboard these days, except for one thing. Rather than bouncing around, the cryptocurrency's price has been shooting upward at a breakneck speed . As a result, making a ripple price prediction is difficult merely because predicting how much it will rise in a day's time is nearly impossible, although a second risk is...

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Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash: What’s The Difference And Which To ...

Bitcoin vs bitcoin cash: What's the difference?

Those who haven't studied digital currencies much might think that bitcoin and bitcoin cash are the same, but they are actually two different forms of cryptocurrency. The former was the first cryptocurrency and it was created many years ago by an anonymous programmer who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It took a few years for that first...

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Ethereum And Bitcoin Prediction: What Are Experts Saying ...

Bitcoin prediction is undoubtedly proving particularly challenging, owing to the fluctuating nature of the cryptocurrency. But the performance of Bitcoin in 2017 has been nothing short of sensational, following its massive increase in value. Ethereum is the next cab off the rank, considered the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, and one with huge potential for growth. So what do experts...

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