Bitcoin blockchain size reaches 100 GB | Coinfox

According to CoinDance , the current size of full bitcoin blockchain equals 100.18 GB. As of now, there are about 4,500 to 5,000 full bitcoin nodes constantly online.

The news about the blockchain reaching the 100 GB milestone met a mixed reaction on Reddit.

"Will we lose some nodes, which are running on virtual servers (due to more expensive tarif needed)," user ltogo wonders.

Other commenters noted that the key issue is not the size of files but the limited bandwidth capacity for some nodes connecting to the Internet through TOR.

"Its not about storage space its about...

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The problem with bitcoin and blockchain technology

The problem with bitcoin and blockchain technology


Cameron McKenzie


It's not just bitcoin's prodigious appetite -- it uses as much energy as the country of Slovenia. Security scares and long transaction times cast doubt on its viability.

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Why a Bitcoin Full Node?

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Date: 2017-11-25 12:33:40

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Instructions To Get A Bitcoin Address | CoinQA

How to get a bitcoin address ? How to generate a bitcoin address ? I just downloaded bitcoin wallet on my PC but i don't find any bitcoin address. These are some of the questions we are getting almost daily from our readers. In this article we'll show you various ways to get your very own bitcoin address.

Let's start with bitcoin address : bitcoin address is just like email address, Facebook i'd� etc. Bitcoin address is an identifier of 27-34 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3. For example " 12B2grAGYY8A8jGJbA6KDxvxVptJFSfnEV "

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Running a Bitcoin full node on $5 a month - Marc Bevand

In the context of the Bitcoin scaling debate, small blockers believe that if the block size limit is doubled, running a fully validating Bitcoin node will become expensive and only well-funded corporations will be able to run nodes, hence increasing centralization.

However facts and data disprove this narrative.

Here is a fact: despite blocks currently averaging 1 MB it is possible to run a full...

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