Gold for Bitcoin? Global Chase for Virtual Currency Takes ...

Gold for Bitcoin? Global Chase for Virtual Currency Takes Roots in India Too

'Gold for Bitcoin' is emerging as a new trend in the world of online transactions.

By : Bharadwaj Sharma

July 28, 2014 19:45 IST

The paperless, bank-less, and state-less currency is gaining ground as it can be used just the same way that any digital money is used to pay for goods and services, such as buying coffee, a...

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Bitcoins a risky investment option, warns RBI | The Siasat ...

Bitcoins a risky investment option, warns RBI

December 18, 2017, 5:35 PM IST

Creative Commons Zero - CC0

Karnataka: The Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is gaining ground as an investment option in Bengaluru.

But, the worrying fact is that many are unaware about the risks involved in virtual currency. In Bengaluru, about 2500 new users are added every day. People from the districts in Karnataka state are invited to attend seminars regarding investing in bitcoins. They are lured to invest in the virtual currency by telling them fake stories of buyers...

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DNA Exclusive: Post demonetization, Bitcoins new ‘black ...

In the last one year, the price of one Bitcoin, world's first and largest cryptocurrency, which is still not a recognised legal tender in several countries, including India, has been rising steadily, having risen almost three and a half times since October last year. One Bitcoin is worth about Rs 5.5 lakh now.

However, what many do not know is that the "illegal" currency is already gaining ground...

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