Bitcoin miner USB Block Eurpter box opening ASIC

USB Block Erupter video I meant to post a while ago. It shows the USB block Erupters up close and personal.

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From: firefly4322

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ASICMiner Block Erupter USB ASIC Bitcoin Miners

A video I uploaded to aid the sales of my ebay ad.

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From: UrokLizard

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Mining Hardware ASICMINER USB Block Erupter - Bitcoin ASIC Miner

Product Description :

ASICMiner 49 Port USB Hub

From the makers for USB Block Erupters and Block Erupter blades comes this 49-port USB hub. Specially designed to support USB Erupters. - Power supply NOT included. Requires standard Computer PSU with 24 Pin ATX plug. - Runs up to 49 USB Erupters. - Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac compatible. - Comes in Red or Blue.

AsicMiner Block Erupter Blade 10 gh/s. The best dollar for dollar mining equipment available on the market.

ASICMiner Erupter USB...

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From: BTCASICMiner

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My Asics 2682 MHash Bitcoin Mining Rig (Digital Currency)

If you are feeling Generous. 1HtszptLXskCrwoVSLUeEugLB2P8S43vUL

Just set this up out of boredom and wanted to see how it all works as Asic miners make this easy to do now. Its difficulty is in the hardware, but once its working with the best hardware mix its pretty stable.

Mining Hardware:

ARCTIC Breeze Mobile USB-Powered 92mm Portable Fan

8 USB ASIC MINER Block Erupters 333MH

Orico 10 Port USB 3.0 Expansion Splitter Hub

Portable High speed 4 Ports USB 3.0 External Hub - Hong Kong

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From: Nx2overide

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40x USB ASIC Miners w/ Block Erupter from

Just invested 3 BTC (~$600) in some mining equipment. I liked how these looked, so I bought another 10x USB ASIC Miners to finish out the board.

I would like to buy another setup like this but with a board that has a few spots for CPU fans so I don't have to rig something else from my coputer to cool it down.

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From: btcnstuff

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Bit coining on a raspberry pi 2

Hi everyone . Today I am trying to learn ABOUT bit coins did some research and saw that what I think I can do have a couple of raspberry pi s around so I said lets c if I can do this . I don't have any of those asic miner block Reuters. Do I need those?

EBay .coms block erupter

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From: antione motley

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USB Block Erupter ASIC Miner Technical Review

So over the past couple of months I've gotten into Bitcoin and Mining. Though I've gotten a feel for the Bitcoin Mining Environment and don't plan on continuing it myself, I figured it would be valuable to everyone else who's interested in these guys to do a review of them and briefly discuss their value/profitability.

Link to a Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

Link to a Cryptocurrency Mining Profitability and Comparison...

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From: mohawkade

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