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BITCOIN Well what is bitcoins bitcoins is NOT a currency it can be called a digital currency there is no bit coin atm bitcoins is just a account like paypal where you can login to you bitcoin account and send payments it is difficult to explain bitcoins so there for there are other videos of bitcoins explained all that I know is that bitcoins is worth a lot and there for you can mine bitcoins called mining bitcoins as I will show you in this video but do not think you will get rich...

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Fund your Winthrills Account using Bitcoin

In this video, you will learn how to fund your Winthrills Network account using bitcoin.


** Login to your Winthrills account.

** Under ACCOUNT, click on FUNDS

** On next page, choose PAYEER as payment gateway

** Fill the amount and verification code and click ADD FUND

** On the PAYEER portal, select BITCOIN option in USD, fill in your email address and click CONFIRM

** Copy the wallet address and the EXACT bitcoin digits as shown

** Go to your bitcoin wallet and complete the payment...

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How to Deposit money in bitsewa account |to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrency| in nepal.

Hello friends today i am going to show you how to deposite money in bitsewa account to buy bitcoin or cryptocurrency through this video.

This video helps you to upload money in bitsewa account to buy bitcoin.

First of all you need to sign up bitsewa account and do login.

To sign up click link below:

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From: Digital sansar

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Secure Login System With Bitcoin BitID

BitID Creates New Secure Login System With Bitcoin

BitID Creates New Secure Login System With Bitcoin BitID has created a new application which allows users to easily and securely login to a website using the Bitcoin protocol. Many websites out there have users sign in using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts, but this creates privacy and security concerns for some users. But now, BitID helps you login to sites anonymously. The way it works is similar to the two-factor authentication...

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GreenBits early preview - Android Bitcoin Wallet login via Trezor

An android bitcoin wallet by GreenAddress that does a login to a wallet account with a hardware wallet device called Trezor

The app is actually available in early Beta for both Testnet and Mainet on a G+ community (requires to join the community to dowload the app)

G+ community



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How to find your bitcoin address (Coinbase)

Go to (if you're login already)

Go to Accounts tab, then you will see "Get bitcoin address" Click that.

You're welcome!

I tried to use many edit software, apparently one glitched and added 27 minute long of black screen, which took an hour, then other one is good but put an entire watermark all over the screen.


Recording software: OBS

Editing software: None


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