Wallet Walkthru - Send and Receive Bitcoin Cash

This video is a guided walkthru of using the wallet on iOS.

* How to add contacts

* Sending Bitcoin Cash

* Receiving Bitcoin Cash

* Changing local currency

* Scan QR Codes

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How I learned about ICO’s

Exodus Wallet

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Web Summit - Bitcoin Cash Airdrop by

Watch the after video of the Bitcoin Cash Airdrop during the Web Summit (Nov 6-9, 2017) in Lisbon. Our team helped thousands of visitors to learn about cryptocurrencies & the blockchain and start to securely hold and use their Bitcoin Cash with the wallet.

About is an easy-to-use and secure digital wallet that allows users to buy, store and transact with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. A perfect choice for those who prefer fast transactions and full control of their...

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Walkthrough of Copay Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Wallet

I showcase the copay wallet on ios iphone and its features and walkthrough it mainly for beginners to understand the basic security elements, managing wallets, bitcoin and bitcoin cash and sending and receiving funds.

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How to add Bitcoin cash address in Zebpay ? Cryptocurrencies News. Hindi

In latest Android version 1.0.96 & iOS version 1.0.52, users can add their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address to Zebpay wallets by entering the address or by scanning QR code.

Android & iOS users – To add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address, click on the last option “bitcoin cash (BCH) address” of menu section on the right side of app. Please refer screenshots below.

Install our Android app from this...

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How To Claim Bitcoin Cash on Exodus!

Claim your Bitcoin Cash on Exodus in 3 Easy Steps!

1) Download the new Exodus Wallet -

2) Click on the "help" tab, scroll to the bottom where it says "claim my bitcoin cash"

3) Send it to wherever you choose!

If you want to sell your Bitcoin Cash, you can send it to

If you want to keep your Bitcoin cash, you can download the new BCH wallet, but a reminder, it takes around 40+ hours to download the BCH blockchain and is a very large download....

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How To Get Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) Off Trezor | Claim BCC Off My Trezor | Bitcoin Basics

Get Bitcoin Cash (BCC) Off Trezor Now

DONATE BCH: 16YsCVSrGsbtagF2VsbJQB5tA8kPc5Gmxw


For those of you who owned Bitcoin before the fork on August 1st and had it stored on your TREZOR wallet, you have a 1:1 ratio of Bitcoin Cash today!

This is a quick tutorial of how to claim the Bitcoin Cash and transfer it to an exchange (Bittrex).

Beta Trezor Wallet:

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How To Transfer Bitcoin Cash from Exodus Wallet

I have recommended and use the wallet for a number of coins, mainly those I'm trading with. Here is a quick walkthrough of a simple way to get your Bitcoin Cash out of the wallet and onto an exchange so you can use it.

Exodus Wallet -

Exodus Explanation -

Bittrex Exchange -

And yes they arrived safely within about an hour.

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Bitcoin Cash Goes Mobile - App Wallet for IOS and Android

You can now access your bitcoin cash from your phone using's new updated wallet.

- Crypto Exchanges

Coinbase -

Use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Etherium direct, use this link to buy $100 worth and get an additional $10 of bitcoin!

Sign Up Here:

Save on fees by purchasing Bitcoin direct from GDAX (it's a Coinbase company with lower fees)

- Cloud Mining

Genesis-Mining :

Save 3% on your...

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Claiming Bitcoin Cash from a Bitcoin Paper wallet

Crypto Consulting Services

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Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash with Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Cash has taken to the center-stage after its tremendous doubling in value and recent publicity growth. Today I talk to Jimmy Song (Offchain Channel) about what is happening in this space and the mining hash rates.

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