Bitcoin 2012: Marek Palatinus - The Future of pooled mining

Marek Palatinus (slush) is 28 years old Czech programmer who discovered Bitcoin on mailing list of TahoeLAFS in summer 2010 because of his interest in distributed computer systems and large scale applications. He founded the first shared based mining pool in autumn 2011 which is still in operation. Marek is also active in development of alternative bitcoin client Electrum. He designed network protocol for lightweight bitcoin clients called Stratum, which is currently used by Electrum.

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From: Blake Curran

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KCN: Launch of Electrum client bitcoin wallet to Fedora

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Electrum, the bitcoin wallet, has announced the launch of its client to the Linux distribution ‘Fedora’. reports, the new bitcoin wallet will enable users to send and receive bitcoins. The fast, secure and easy to use Electrum can be installed on Fedora 25. After installing, users must...

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From: KCN News

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