WordPress Bitcoin Plugin Usage

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup the WordPress bitcoin plugin so you can accept bitcoin payment on your website.


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From: Korin Iverson

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Bitcoin payment confirmation system

Specs for Bitcoin development

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From: TheViralmarketer

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⚡️ Cross-Implementation Lightning Payment on Bitcoin's Mainnet ⚡️

In this video Laolu (co-founder of Lightning Labs) demonstrates a multi-hop payment on Bitcoin's mainnet which travels across the 3 major Lightning implementations. In the demo Laolu (a.k.a roasbeef) sends a payment from our Lightning desktop app (https://github.com/lightninglabs/lightning-app) to Starblocks, a coffee payment demo.

This payment marks the first multi-hop, cross-implementation payment on Bitcoin's mainnet. All transaction performed in the video were performed completely...

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From: Lightning Labs

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Bitcoin as an alternative payment method

Bitcoin is a government-free payment source some businesses accept as money. But here are things to take into consideration before you start using it.

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From: Clark.com: Save More, Spend Less

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Magento Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin Integration by SpectroCoin

How to integrate Magento Bitcoin Payment Plugin from SpectroCoin to start accepting Bitcoin at your website. More information can be found at https://spectrocoin.com/en/plugins/accept-bitcoin-magento.html

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From: SpectroCoin

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Bitcoin's First Lightning Payment Successful

A Java Developer just used Bitcoin Lightning Network to successfully complete a payment to his cell phone company. BitRefill is a cellular provider that already accepts Bitcoin as payment, and one customer in particular just made his payment to them using an in-development protocol known as Lightning.

Lightning is one of the proposed scalability solutions for Bitcoin, as well as all of the other coins that are built on the the Bitcoin core. This process allows payments between parties to be...

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From: Altcoin Buzz

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Stripe Starts Testing Bitcoin Payments

In another validation of the Bitcoin space, YC's biggest payments company Stripe said it has started to test Bitcoin and ACH payments with a select number of users. It says it's doing instant exchanges as well, so merchants don't need to handle Bitcoin directly or deal with the crypto-currency's volatility risks. spokesperson Kelly Sims said, "We're still testing the technology." Tarsnap creator Colin Percival said, "Stripe's support is crucial here due to the nature of Bitcoin. It doesn't have...

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From: Wochit Business

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Bitcoin Payment Processing

Bitcoin News:#Goicin #Bitcoin is a popular Peer-to-Peer system for making digital payments. A public ledger called the “blockchain” is used for recording all bitcoin transactions. There is no single administrator or central repository in the bitcoin system. Read more at bit.ly/1vDJlUw

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From: Bitcoin Payment Processing

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Vodi Adds Bitcoin Payment Option for Digital Gift Cards, Phone Minutes and More…

Exciting News – we added bitcoin payment option to our mobile messaging app which will allow Vodi users to make payments with Bitcoin from anywhere in the world.

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From: Vodi

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Bitcoin : the new payment system

Get involved with Bitcoin

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From: grégory raphael Ndoe mbandji

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