Bitcoin | 7 साल में 46 Lakh गुना Return, 1 Lakh रुपए के बने 651 करोड़ !!!??

Virtual currency is not taking the name of bitcoin in the world and it is constantly touching new talents, this versatile currency Bitcoin started 7 years ago has given its investors a return of more than 45 lakh times in 7 years. . Bitcoin has crossed $ 10,000 in foreign markets on Wednesday In November 2010, it used to cost only 22 cents.

In terms of Indian currency, 7 years ago, in November 2010, the dollar was close to about 45 rupees, and at that time, the price of a bitcoin was 22 cents...

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How to Make $1/4 Million in Bitcoin with only $5000 in 1 Year! REAL DATA!!

I've analyzed how much $5000 or 8.5 BTC Invested in the top 10 Cryptocurrencies 12 months ago. And how much they'd be worth today. In USD Fiat dollar terms and BTC terms!

I'm not going to type my conclusions here.

They are in the video which took me a considerable amount of time creating!

Hope you guys find this information valuable!!

$5000 into XEM 12 months ago Today would be worth over...

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