Failing Italian Banks and Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price May Surge As Italian Banks Send Alarm Signals For Europe

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Europe's First Bitcoin ATM in Finland 2013!!! 1BTC price at 530,36 EUR

Yesterday I saw in news that Europe's first Bitcoin ATM is here in Finland now. Here is video what I found. When Bitcoin came to Finland first time that I heard, price was 44 euros one BTC and they sold 1, 10, 25BTC coins and was it 50btc coins if I remember correctly.

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3 star Hotel in Europe - price is 4000 bitcoins

3 star Hotel in Cuprus, 80 rooms town center.

Info details up on request.

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Bitcoin Halving 2016

#sorry about audio

current BItcoin price is $650, meaning the price of bitcoin is up nearly 50% from 1st January. While macroeconomic factors including uncertainty in China and Europe have arguably played a role, there may be no bigger influence than the upcoming halving, a rare network event has happened today july 9th 2016.

The bitcoin network is set to Halve the rewards on blocks at set intervals or milestones. In the beginning miniers were rewarded 50 BTC per block when unlocked and now...

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