Banks! Bitcoin is the technology behind Blockchain. Simon Dixon explains.

Banks! Bitcoin is the technology behind Blockchain. Simon Dixon explains at the Blockchain Summit 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

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The Blockchain technology behind bitcoin

Blockchain CEO Peter Smith on how the company's technology supports cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Explained For Beginners | Should You Buy One ?!?!

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Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin | buy bitcoin | bitcoin exchange | where to buy bitcoin |...

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What is Blockchain? Bitcoin Cryptocurrency technology deciphered

Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology explained and discussion of how it may be a game changer in the future with impact across many aspects of our lives beyond currency.

Host: Perry Barrow

Special guest: Laurent Lequeu, Equity Fund Manager, APAC

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Introduction to Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

Altug Ozturk presenting Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Organised by Start HiM at Molde University College

What the heck is Bitcoin?

What is blockchain?

What are cryptocurrencies?

What is a wallet?

What is Ethereum?

Fundamental introduction about common questions that often gets asked.

Q&A session after presentation is also included in the video.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

References to

Andreas Anostopoulous

Ethereum book

New Technology

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From: Altug Ozturk

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From Bitcoin to Big Business, Blockchain Technology Goes Mainstream

Bitcoin, the controversial digital currency, recently made headlines for reaching a record high valuation of more than $2,700, but perhaps the bigger growth potential lies in blockchain. The technology behind bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies is being explored by more conventional companies and businesses. VOA's Tina Trinh reports from New York.

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Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain trailer

Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain traces the rise of Bitcoin and the technology that made it happen: the open, distributed ledger known as the blockchain. As blockchain technology has outpaced Bitcoin, an array of new apps has proliferated across the globe.

Watch the full series:

Trust Disrupted is based on the book Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper. Produced by Stateless Media, it is an exclusive TechCrunch...

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Bitcoin fundamentals and innovations talk by Nicolas Cary of Blockchain (Paris 2015)

Start mining Bitcoin today:

Futur En Seine 205 : “Human and technology” conference in Paris. Co-founder of Blockchain Nicolas Cary speaks about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. You can sign up for a Bitcoin wallet for free here

This video is a snippet of the overall talk with Nicolas Cary, Sébastien Canard, Eric Larchevêque, and Amaelle Guiton. You can watch the entire video here:...

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The history of the internet and the Blockchain technology (bitcoin).

The blockchain technology and bitcoin explained.

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