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Bitcoin's illiquidity is going to be a huge problem when the bubble bursts BTC

Bitcoin's illiquidity is going to be a huge problem when the bubble bursts (BTC).

This chart shows a seven-day average of the total number of

minutes it takes to conduct a bitcoin transaction, since May

2016. Like the price of bitcoin itself, transaction time has been

rising as the months go by. At the time of writing, it took

four-and-a-half hours to confirm a bitcoin trade, on average:

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"United Bitcoin" cryptocoin has been launched.

UnitedBitcoin is a fork of Bitcoin and inherits its block-time, halving time and total number of Bitcoin’s cap (21 million). These properties remain unchanged.

The mission of UnitedBitcion is to find a purpose for lost Bitcoin and inactive wallets and create a stable cryptocurrency system through an association of joint credit and smart contracts.

UnitedBitcoin will use the pressure-tested mechanics of Bitcoin, such as PoW, blocktimes, supply cap, and issuance model, while it upgrades areas...

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Golden Symbol of Bitcoin, New Virtual Money on Various Digital Background | Motion Graphics -

Download Golden Symbol of Bitcoin, New Virtual Money on Various Digital Background -

Golden symbol of bitcoin, new virtual money on various digital background

Last Update 15 August 17 Created 15 August 17 Alpha Channel No Looped Video No Frame Rate 29.97 Resolution 1920x1080 Video Encoding Photo JPEG File Size 117MB Number of Clips 1 Total Clip(s) Length...

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What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system. It was invented by an unknown programmer, under the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. You can purchase bitcoins from the market, receive them as a payment for goods and services or create them yourself through a process called mining. Mining is done by solving the mathematical problems. The miner is entitled to bitcoins as rewards. The value of bitcoins is highly volatile. The total number of bitcoins will not exceed 21 million.

Do like,...

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Bitcoin slides 14 percent on crackdown fears, hits four week low

Bitcoin slides 14 percent on crackdown fears, hits four-week low.

LONDON (Reuters) - Bitcoin slid as much as 14 percent on Tuesday to hit a four-week low below $12,000, as fears grew of a regulatory crackdown after reports that South Korea’s finance minister had said banning trading in cryptocurrencies was still an option.

South Korean news website Yonhap reported that Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon had told a local radio station that the government would be coming up with a set of...

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Electroneum Versus Bitcoin: Total Supply Analysis

Richard Ells previously described the advantage Electroneum has over Bitcoin based on the number of divisions of the total supply. CryptoMatt explains the significance of the divisions and demonstrates the value it brings to Electroneum.

Electroneum CEO explains the divisions:

Disclaimer: The above video references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for...

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