Where to Buy Bitcoin Cash after the Bitcoin Fork or Split?

So today is the big day, August 1, and I've seen many people online wondering where and how to buy Bitcoin Cash.

There's a number of exchanges dealing with Bitcoin Cash, my favorite being Bittrex. Another exchange dealing with Bitcoin Cash is Kracken, however Bittrex is my favorite.

Bittrex typically has lower trading volume than Poloniex and Kracken, however they tend to get coins listed faster and tend to have a wider selection of coins. I also trust them, like the interface, and again...

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From: Crypto Rebels

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How to set up Coinbase payment processor and buy a bitcoin pack on USI-Tech

For full information, go to: yourpassiveprofitecenter.com

How to set up Coinbase payment processor and buy a bitcoin pack on USI-Tech, both of these sites are very user-friendly and in USI-Tech you can start with as little as 50 euros/aprox 60 USD ... have realistic expectations for growth, put in $500-5000+ and you will see faster results, sign up a few people and even faster growth.

People get paid here on the regular!

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From: Lillian Devin

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How to buy Ripple XRP Using Coinbase

UPDATE: Use Binance to buy RIPPLE. Faster and less verification


Make sure you have a Coinbase Wallet: ($10 FREE)


P.S If you are interested in making compound interest off your existing Bitcoin then check this out: http://www.cryptofactoid.com/gy7p

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How to Buy Bitcoin With Cash - Using Square Cash App on iPhone

This simple video shows you how to go about purchasing a Bitcoin on the Square Cash App! This gives investors/traders alike another way to enter the Cryptocurrency Market by buying their Bitcoin directly off the Square Cash Application on their iPhone/Android. It's very easy and faster then CoinBase in my opinion. You can also transfer your bitcoin to another wallet after you have bought the bitcoin on Cash App!

Sign Up for Cash App Here & Get $5


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From: BackToTech

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How to Buy Bitcoins Instantly with Cash in USA

Quick tutorial on how to buy bitcoins instantly with cash in the USA.

https://www.bitquick.co is the only service that allows you to go from cash in your pocket to bitcoin in your wallet in under 3 hours!

Safer than LocalBitcoins, Faster than Coinbase, Give BitQuick.co a try today!

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GDAX Tips and tricks to get faster fills and use the platform to the best of your ability. If your buying and selling Bitcoin you should be using GDAX here in the USA instead of using Coinbase app where your paying massive fees! Stop messing around with Coinbase website and get on GDAX now!

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From: Patrick Wieland

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