How to generate NBA 2k17 VC/Virtual Currency for free! Upgrade your MyPlayer to the max!

This is for the Steam Version of NBA 2k17 only.

I used to upgrade different MyPlayers in NBA 2k16 by locking the price of upgrades to 0 in order to buy all of them for free, but since you can't do it the same way in 2k17 I thought I'd share the method I've been using in a quick video.

Basically I'm starting a MyCareer game, edit my stats, and end the game immediately to get VC.

You usually get around 3k, I also tried getting 4k but I didn't want to go over that.

To speed up the process you...

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From: Wreck5tep

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NBA2k17 - How to Buy and Apply Tattoos Guide

Customization is an important feature of NBA 2k17, and this guide will show you how to get tattoos and put them on your players!

Once you buy a tattoo you permanently have it, and you can put it on as many players as you want.

You buy them using VC (Virtual Currency) which you earn by simply playing games.

This is a part of our #NBA2k17 coverage, you can find all needed guides and walkthroughs at:

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