Will the price of bitcoin go higher or lower? Is it a bubble?

Different factors affect the price of bitcoin. Mining of bitcoin puts downward pressure on the price. Miners need to sell about $14 billion dollars of bitcoin at the current price of $16,700. If the price goes higher, that number is higher. If the price goes lower, then that number is lower. Inflation puts an upward pressure on the price of bitcoin

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From: Jason Megill

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BITCOIN HITS $15,000 - Aussies Must Watch - WARNING - Coin Spot Bitcoin Price Hike

$1,900.00AUS price difference (14%) between coin spot and coin base.

Between Coinspot and Coinbase there is normally about 3% difference, today there was a massive price hike via Coinspot.

Just a warning to check other exchanges or https://coinmarketcap.com/#AUD before commiting to purchases.

Updated (30/11/2017) - 14.5% difference between coinspot coinbase again.

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From: You Know It's Crypto

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This video is for those who are new to Bitcoin and interested in getting started with buying or selling the cryptocurrency through CoinBase.

I have experience buying/selling on CoinBase, as well as trading coins within CoinBase for different altcoins such as Ripple, TRON, Digibyte, and many more. If you have questions regarding anything mentioned in the video or related to BitCoin, leave a comment.

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From: Precious C. Price

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Bitcoin Gold what the Fork Happened?

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So the fork happened a day early and the predictable thing happened, bitcoin started to fall and the alt coins are all rising.

I'm got my strategy, and I'm sticking to it, and bitcoin gold isn't a coin I will ever hold.

The bitcoin gold price differs wildly from exchange to exchange, but it's somewhere between $100 and $250 which is only 2-5% bonus on your...

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From: Keith Wareing

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