Bitcoin Cash Fork & Ledger Nano S! Using Ledger to get BCC + Other Exchanges

*NEW - See this reddit post that explains further how to get your BCC out of your 'Split' account into your 'Main' account.

In this video - we explore how to keep your BTC SAFE, while also getting your Bitcoin Cash (BCC).

We talk about how to use your Ledger Nano/Ledger Nano S to obtain your BCC. We also talk about which exchanges will/will not support BCC.

Please visit my...

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From: The Crypto Entrepreneur

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BITFINEX - WHERE IS MY MONEY AND BITCOIN? 1 Billion In Tether Now? Mt Gox 2.0?

Bitfinex... I want my money --

Warning signs of the largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex are being plastered everywhere. Thousands complaining about not being able to cash out.... Now over 1 billion in Tether has been created...

Warning signs of another bitcoin exchange by new york times:

I suggest everyone follow @Bitfinexed on Twitter as he is the sole one breaking the doors down and exposing...

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