Bitcoin, blockchains, and the future of money

Bitcoin and blockchains: The future of money explained with ancient stones on the tiny Pacific island of Yap.

Ethereum, Bitcoin and other blockchains are being called the future of money. This decentralized, digital money aims to replace physical cash and middlemen like VISA or your bank.

But is this really such a new idea? We travelled to the remote Pacific island of Yap, where an ancient form of stone money has more in common with the future than you'd think.

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Here's Why Bitcoin is the (possible) Money of the Future

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that operates outside of government, giving it the potential to revolutionize how we do business. More here:’s-Why-Bitcoin-Is-the-(Possible)-Currency-of-the-Future

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Is Bitcoin The Future Of Money? | Decoded | Channel NewsAsia Connect

Bitcoin has been making headlines around the world, and this virtual currency is slowly gaining ground with an increasing number of Bitcoin vending machines in Singapore and more merchants accepting it as a form of payment. Could Bitcoin be the future of money? We try out the vending machines and ask experts questions everyone has about virtual money.

To watch the full TV episode on "Show Me The Money", go to:...

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First House to be bought with BITCOIN. Crazy story!!!

What is Cryptocurrency? What is Bitcoin? Watch our other videos below and learn more.

Bitcoin to Hit 1 Million Dollars!

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What is Cryptocurrency?

What is Bitcoin and WHO Cares?

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Discovery Channel The story of Money and Bitcoin

Amazing documentary by the Discovery Channel on how our monetary system works and the future of money. I personally believe that blockchain and blockchain like technologies will eventually take over the world monetary system, but not necessarily Bitcoin. This documentary is dated, Bitcoin transactions are slow and expensive now, relative to what they used to be. Much love to Satoshi Nakamoto though, because he made this all possible.

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Bitcoin 2014

This is not my prediction of the future of Bitcoin, Just a short story I did for fun. The New Delhi Student invented the hardware capable of massive amounts of Mhash/s and after making alot of money with his device and showcasing it on the internet, he received a private offer of 3 Million USD which he accepted. The individual that purchased the device ( and it's blueprints of course ) was actually an agent of the United States Government . So the US released the device to the public for...

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