Buy gold and silver with Bitcoin in Norway

Short intro to to show how you can use Bitcoin to buy silver and gold from

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Yes you heard it right!! Buy 24kt 999.9 Gold Bullion with Bitcoin!!

This is great news for all you Bitcoin lovers that do not own Gold or want to exchange Bitcoin for Gold.

Remember Gold is a physical appreciating asset. Bitcoin is Digital and virtual. No one has managed to hack my 24kt 999.9 Gold haha ;-)

The International payment processor that Karatbars use now accept Bitcoin payments. Once you go to the checkout choose the credit/debit card option and then you will see an option for...

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From: Dennis Appleton - Karatbars Gold -

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How to Buy Bitcoin in Coinbase and Get $10 Free Bitcoin Want to know how to buy bitcoin with Coinbase? Watch this bitcoin video now to see us buy bitcoin live and then create your account in Coinbase using the link in this post. After you buy at least $100 of bitcoin, your Coinbase account will be credited with a free $10 worth of bitcoin.

You can create your Coinbase wallet and account to buy Bitcoin here:

In your Coinbase account you can also buy Ethereum and...

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From: Stack Silver. Get Gold. Buy Bitcoin.

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How Bitcoin generated and dont buy Bitcoin in Tamil

Use below links to exchanges with my referral and get $10 free coins,

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In this video, I walk you through on

1) How Bitcoin generated,

2) How to buy

3) How to manage Bitcoin.

We discuss a little bit on why Bitcoin is a store of value and value more than Gold.


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From: Arivili

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Bitcoin Gold is in 5th Place on Coin Market Cap! New Hard fork Bitcoin Diamond!

Bitcoin Gold just recently appeared on rank 5 on This video explains why that is and shows some possibilites to claim your BTG. I'm not taking any responsibilites for such.

Bitcoin Diamond Hard fork information: Join Hextracoin

On today's episode of The Cryptoverse:** Bitcoin Gold fork this Wednesday They respond to Coinbase comments in their blog post Bitcoin Gold doesn't offer any added value to the marketplace.

Follow Me on Steem!: Discord Chat!: Buy $100 of Bitcoin...

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From: Kenneth Pressnell

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Coinpayments how to open a bitcoin account and bitcoin wallet

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How to open a Coinpayments account to use are bitcoin wallet and payment processor.

To create long term wealth for yourself and your family you need to save and invest you saving in property, gold and bitcoin (digital gold). Of these 3 I love property and bitcoin the most because I can not just preserve money but also make more money or wealth with it.

As soon as you have a bitcoin wallet, like Coinpayments, you can...

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From: Colin Brazendale

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Bitcoin Cash; Somebody is Propping Up a Dying Cryptocurrency!

Have you been following this? Bitcoin forked and bitcoin cash was born! Everyone who has bitcoin got bitcoin cash for free. Some sold it and used the money to buy more bitcoin. They didn't feel that bitcoin cash was worth $2,399 and so bitcoin cash, crashed, at last and all that cash was put into bitcoin! Roger Ver has billions of dollars in bitcoin and he's selling to lower the price of bitcoin. He's buying bitcoin cash to prop up the price, but every time he gets the price up, someone...

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From: BackToConstitution

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SegWit2x’s Failure Confirms Bitcoin’s Status As Digital Gold

Since 10,000 bitcoins were used to buy two pizzas, the digital currency was a truly decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that worked immediately around the world.

Today the price has risen almost a million times, but the network is no longer as functional as it was these days.

Bitcoin is still struggling with its identity, because many want the money to revolutionize, but they are equally eager to sit on hordes and see it more quickly appreciate in value than perhaps something else that...

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From: Bitcoin News Radio

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David Andolfatto, Legal and Illegal Trading of Bitcoin

Does bitcoin facilitate illegal trading? Sure, St. Louis Fed Economist David Andolfatto says, but so does the U.S. dollar, gold, etc. Bitcoin transactions travel wallet to wallet, where the wallet identities are disguised. In this sense, using bitcoins is like using U.S. cash in facilitating illegal trades. On the other hand, he points out, wallet histories are publically available (unlike U.S. cash transaction histories). He also notes that bitcoins support a great deal of legal trading.


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From: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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5 Minute Video Buying and Mining Ethereum

The crypto rush is on. This is like the gold rush days where people are seeing the profits being made and trying to figure out what is going on.

Here are the links for the video:

To buy Ethereum or Bitcoin from coinbase use this link for $10 with $100 first purchase:

To check the market caps and all the crypto currencies see:

For the Ethereum mining calculator...

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From: Power Line

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