The New MiKandi App Store Demo

Go to on your Android device to install the hottest app store for adults. You must be 18+ to download.

Redesigned from the ground up, the new app store boasts faster performance, more intuitive navigation, better search capabilities, support for video and a virtual currency system to support paid apps and in-app purchases.

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From: MiKandi

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Apple to Allow Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currency

It seems that Apple is finally taking a position on Bitcoin.

The new App Store Review Guidelines allows payment with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Analysts speculate this is the year for Bitcoin to reach relative mass adoption. Apple's latest policy can just help it happen faster.

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From: Techtoonerz

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How to purchase LoCoins for Locus Store

LoCoin is virtual currency used for purchasing professional topo maps and other products in Locus Store, an in-app store of Android map application Locus Map. This video shows how to purchase LoCoins via Google Play.

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From: Locus Map

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Virtual Currency System for iOS games, Swift 4, Xcode 9 - Rebeloper Store Special Offer and Discount

Learn how why virtual currency is so important in a game and how you can add it with only one line of code. And in the meantime get a huge discount on Rebeloper Store:

In the previous episode we have learned how to retrieve product info from iTunes connect and show it in our app:

FACT: With RebeloperStore you will be able to add in-app purchases to...

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From: Rebeloper

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IAP Manager Pro: Setup In-App Purchase Part I

Asset Store:

In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup the data for in-app purchase. Inlcuded local iap with virtual currency and iap with real money.

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From: Digicrafts Administrator

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Will Apple launch their own currency in 2014?

Apple seem to banning apps like Coinbase from the App store. Why? I've been playing with The Jester's new app, Bitcoin Bud this week and it got me thinking about a blog post I wrote in 2012 - could Apple be planning a currency of their own? Say "Apple PIPS" (Personal Internet Payment System) out loud? I put this to App developer Dermot Daly, Founder & CEO of Tapadoo this week, and it seems we may agree on something at last. Dermot thinks Virtual Currency will be done well, by Apple or Google...

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From: redcert

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