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1 Bitcoin Worth $1,000,000 by 2020?! Speculators Say "OF COURSE!"

There are high speculation of Bitcoin reaching inbelievable numbers by the year 2020. A store of value, Bitcoin was created with a limited supply which is the reason why prices are soaring. The demand continues to grow each year and the prices keep going up due to the supply. Speculators are very optimistic on bitcoins success.

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Bitcoin To Reach 2 TRILLION Market Cap - Novagratz Is Optimistic

Is bitcoin a boom? well if it is, Mike Novagratz believes it will last for a long time as he points out that the total market cap of all crypto currencies is nearly 300 billion which comparatively small considering the NASDQ cap of 6 Trillion at its peak before the recent financial crisis.

Bitcoin is a store of value which promises a global boom that will surpass the market cap of gold and be labeled the virtual gold.

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