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What is a Bitcoin Address?

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - What is a Bitcoin Address?

While a Bitcoin address works in a similar way to a bank account number, it is much more than that. The best way to answer the question "what is a Bitcoin address?" is to define it as a Bitcoin wallet identifier, of which there can be many.

Unlike a bank account number, a Bitcoin wallet can generate an unlimited number of Bitcoin addresses, which can be used to identify incoming funds from regular payers, or even as a way of enhancing...

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Bitcoin Online Wallet - Get Started Quickly With Bitcoin

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - Bitcoin Online Wallet

There are four types of Bitcoin wallet - online, mobile, desktop and offline. When using the description "Bitcoin online wallet" we usually mean a wallet that is accessed via an internet browser.

These come in two general types - third party wallets where the company behind it retains the private keys, and those services which enable you to hold such keys yourself.

In this video I give a quick overview of such online wallets, along with a...

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What Can I Buy With Bitcoins? A Quick Guide

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - What Can I Buy With Bitcoins?

One of the fastest growth areas in Bitcoin is in merchant adoption, so if you're asking "What can I buy with Bitcoins" then this video will give you a quick overview of your options.

While it's true that you won't find many merchants in your area that accept Bitcoin, it is getting easier and easier to buy things online with it. And in this video I also reveal a way you can buy anything and everything - anywhere in the world - using...

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Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - Buy Bitcoin With a Credit Card

The most common way of buying Bitcoin is to do so using a trading exchange. But this takes a bit of time. So if you're in a hurry to get your hands on it, then you can buy bitcoin with a credit card.

In this short video I tell you about three services where you can do this, and have bitcoins in your wallet a lot faster.


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What is The Best Bitcoin Wallet?

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - What is the best Bitcoin wallet?

I've been involved in Bitcoin since 2011 and have used and tested many different wallets - desktop, mobile and browser based. And If you're new to Bitcoin one of the very first questions you may want an answer to is, "what is the best Bitcoin wallet?"

The good news is there are plenty to choose from. And to make it easy for you to get started, here I give my personal recommendations for three different wallets - for your mobile...

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2015

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - Bitcoin Price Prediction 2015

After a year where the Bitcoin price declined dramatically from its end of 2013 highs, I'm often asked what my Bitcoin price prediction is for 2015.

I have to admit that back in November 2013 I was very bullish as I saw the price rising. But in hindsight that rapid rise was clearly a bubble - a bubble that has been bursting for all of 2014.

Anyway, in this short video I examine some of the historical price charts to get a sense of...

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How to Use Bitcoin Wallet

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - How to Use Bitcoin Wallet

The best way to understand Bitcoin is to start using it, and in this video I demonstrate how use a Bitcoin wallet - by moving some Bitcoin from one wallet to another.

In this example I'm using two web-based wallets - Blockchain and Ninki - both of which are browser plugins that work with the Chrome browser.


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How Do I Buy Bitcoins? A Quick Guide

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - How Do I Buy Bitcoins?

If you're just dipping your toe into the Bitcoin world, then one of the first questions you may be asking yourself is, "How do I buy bitcoins?".

In this short video I give an overview of the most popular methods for buying them, along with some recommended websites and services where you can do this.


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Offline Bitcoin Wallet - The Ultimate in Security

http://www.bitcoinreport.info - Offline Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallets come in two flavours, what's sometimes called a "hot" wallet - one that is connected and live on the internet, and an offline Bitcoin wallet, sometimes called a "cold" wallet - where the private key is not connected to the internet at all.

At its most basic, an offline wallet can be just a piece of paper with the private key printed on it. But while very secure, such a wallet is not much good for every day usage.

In this...

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What Is The Bitcoin Halving?

Go to http://cryptowealthblueprint.com/reports/ for my Free Reports on all things Bitcoin. How to buy, sell, store and spend - and why Bitcoin represents a true revolution in money.

The Bitcoin halving is something that happens every four years or so, when the supply of newly-mined coins is cut in half.

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