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Doge recommends Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase

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Bitcoin Cash is a fork off of bitcoin, that uses a new signature key different from bitcoin to keep the transactions between the two currencies separate. Bitcoin legacy blocks of 1mb only produce 3 transactions per second, whereas Bitcoin Cash’s 8mb blocks pump out 24 transactions per second. It’s time to start investing in altcoins because bitcoin this year hit an invisible wall that made fees skyrocket, bitcoins network...

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Doge recommends Grayscale investment trusts (GBTC)

GBTC or grayscale investments sponsors various trusts such as, Grayscale Bitcoin investment trust, Ethereum classic investment trust, and the Zcash Investment Trust.

GBTC was trading at $1200 when I recommended it because of the bitcoin correction. You get .0919 bitcoin per share of this trust (9million satoshi). Bitcoins blockchain size is 1mb which can only do 3 transactions per second. Gbtc is publicly traded in the stock market.

Grayscale’s private investment Trust’s.

• The...

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