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Bitcoin Bank Hacked, Forces Users to Share In the Losses

Yet another Bitcoin bank, Poloniex, has announced they were hacked. They claim around $50,000 in Bitcoin were stolen. This time the unregulated, free market Libertarian paradise that is the Bitcoin exchanges has an interesting way to fix the problem. They are going to share the $50k in losses with all Poloniex users, even those unaffected by the theft...

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Gullible Bitcoin Nerds Attempt a Scam, Whine When The Scam Scams Them

Bitcoin faithful thought they knew what they were getting themselves into when they invested their money in a site called PonziCoin. It was literally a Ponzi scheme and their goal were to be the early investors who reap the profits, scamming those who come in late to the game. For a time yesterday, when PonziCoin went down and the owner seemingly vanished with everyone's money, those scammers hilariously cried and whined about being scammed...

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