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Exodus Transaction Fees Got you down? SAVE on Bitcoin Fees! with Blockchain Wallet

Exodus is a great wallet, clean and fast, but expensive. I will go through on how to reduce the transaction fee greatly from 13 bucks to .05 cents with Blockchain.info wallet. You could save hundreds or $15 transaction fees.

This is also applicable if you want to back up or recover copy or move a wallet.

This is also a good way to slowly transition off any other wallet that gives you control of your private keys.



Get started, buy some bitcoin...

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SAVE on FEES from COINBASE & GDAX, Be the shot caller!

This is to save on fees on CB and GDAX, save some money and get BTC at a better price.

Use this method to buy any type of Crypto on GDAX. ETHER, Lightcoin, Bitcoin!

First time with CoinBase? Use my link and we both get 10$, win/win!


Some recommended wallets that give you your private key for your security and privacy. Remember they will not be able to recover your keys or seeds if you lose them, security is up to you.

Exodus for a mix...

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