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South Africa Creates Testbed to Regulate Bitcoin and Measure Cryptocurrency Growth

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The next news with respect to Africa, comes from South Africa. South Africa wants to experiment with Bitcoin regulations. They have asked a blockchain-based solutions provider in South Africa called Bankymoon to test digital currency regulations and to help understand its growing trend. There is no specific set of test that I know of at this time that will be applied onto their sandbox...

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Bitcoin in the Caribbean Series: Reporting On Jamaica Part I

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This is commentary based on the Coin Telegraph article titled "London Based Bitcoin Company Plans to Open Bitcoin Exchange In Jamaica". This article was from 10/2016.

This video is part of my Bitcoin in the Caribbean Series where I will report on the use of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in the Caribbean. There will be a complete playlists on YouTube with respect to this...

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Bitcoin. Zimbabwe and Very High Inflation.

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Commentary on Bitcoin and Zimbabwe piece by Bloomberg.

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Bitcoin. Dollar Cost Averaging in Coinbase. Investing for the Future.

People say "Bitcoin is too expensive". Simple solution is to dollar cost average and walk away. You can invest as little as $50.00 a month, less or more. Simply check out Coinbase.

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Bitcoin Startups are Subject to “Periodic Exanimations” in New York

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This is my commentary on a post found on Cryptocoin News titled "Bitcoin Startups are Subject to “Periodic Examinations” in New York".

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