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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies with market cap exceeding $1 Billion

Bitcoin passed $4000 mark to record new all time high.

This video is about the market capitalization of 10 best cryptocurrencies exceeding market cap $1 Billion.

In August world witness a maonster rally in most of the cryptocurrencies with a rapid increase in bitcoin price to $4137.

Ethereum is getting strong nowadays and reached at $305.

Investors around the world are taking interest and there numbers are getting incsreased due to rapid increase and demand in cryptocurrencies.

Many people...

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Ethereum vs Bitcoin, Long Term Reasons to Invest in Ethereum

Bitcoin & Ethereum are the top most best cryptocurrency to invest in long term.

Ethereum has the long term potential for growth.

It is extremely bullish and is growing exponentially.

Ethereum can handle 15 transactions per second as compared to Bitcoin can only handle 7 transactions per second.

Ethereum has more applications than bitcoin and due to network congestion and high fees developers are moving from bitcoin blockchain to ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is backed by global corporations...

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Top Best Cheap Alt Coins to Invest for 2018

This video will give you Information about the best Cheap cryptocurrencies to invest for 2018.

The value of each cryptocurrency presented in this video is less than 10 US dollar.

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